Better sound
better business

Audio Pro Business is the perfect sound solution for your store, office, restaurant or hotel lobby.

Plug & play

Where a traditional retail installation takes 2 days, Audio Pro Business takes no more than 2 hours.

Wireless for real

Audio Pro Business is developed for total wireless freedom. Overcrowded 
Wi-Fi areas are no longer a problem.

Light & sound

Easily add our speakers to lighting tracks and instantly play wireless music. Where there is light, there can be sound.


Changing speaker positions is a snap. No need for expensive installations. Ready for the never ending changing future.

Installations of all sizes

Audio Pro Business is the most easy to install, effortless to use, perfect sounding, reliable and flexible sound system for your store, office, restaurant or hotel. By using the already existing Track lightning system in your space, you can easily add AudioPro Business and connect a transmitter to any available sound source to play instant, wireless music.

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Cases & Inspiration

Take a closer look on how some of our clients have used Audio Pro Business for a smarter, better sounding, better looking and easier to handle music solution.

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More than meets the eye

Audio Pro Business is not just about speakers. It is is a complete music solution for your business.

Cost effective

Quick installation and flexible for changing position. When moving you easily bring your sound with you.

Premium sound

High quality drivers, combined with advanced DSP controlled digital amplifiers and solid acoustic engineering gives a sound quality above the the rest.

Multiple zones

With up to 6 different volume zones you will be able to play music in perfect volume for each customer environment and situation.


You can play music from any sound source. Meaning you are free to change source or music supplier without problem.

High ROI

Investing in better sound instead of installation costs will give you better sound! More sound for the money.

Side-by-side systems

Multiple channels ensure no interference from other systems wich is common in shopping malls or crowded city areas.


With Audio Pro Business you have a at least 2X the range of a WiFi system. Works perfect in large retail areas. Just try us!

Scandinavian design

Innovative product design that can easily be fitted with all types of interior design. Will never get out of date.

Minimalistic design

A speaker should be heard, not seen. With its minimalistic aesthetics andScandinavian design, the Audio Pro Business system doesn’t take away any attention from your beautiful store or office. It just blends in perfectly, next to the existing lightning.

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Some of our clients

We are very proud to have equipped a wide range of the leading brands with the smart and easy to use Audio Pro Business system.