The importance of sound

For 40 years Audio Pro has been synonymous with great sound from small speakers. For almost as long, music in retail has been an established and well studied field.

The first studies came from Western Kentucky University in the early´s, who made groundbreaking research into how background music influences shopping behavior. Today it is a well known fact that the right music can strengthen your brand and even increase sales. Different studies claim that the right music can increase sales up to ten percent. By choosing the right music it is possible to affect how long customers stays in the shop, their tempo while walking around and even their mood and mindset. Music also gives an opportunity to promote and strengthen a brand and is one the most effective ways to create atmosphere. Carefully selected playlist of music that reflects the company’s brand increased saleswith more than 9% compared with playing random popular songs. The tempo, loudness, style of the music you play can help communicate your brand’s personality to customers, even before they enter your door. In fact, music is a compelling element in the shopping experience as 84 percent of consumers in a recent study cite the experience as more enjoyable when there is music, 81 percent stated it lifts their mood while shopping, and 70 percent said music plays a role in brand loyalty. Even a long queue will feel shorter if there is good music playing in the background. As the competition from e-commerce is getting stronger, the quality of the shopping experience has become one of the key differentiators for physical stores. Music and sound plays a big role in creating and enhancing the retail experience. Because you want your store, restaurant or café to sound just as good as it looks.

Good sound makes good business

So, music is good for your business. But what about the sound itself? The right music with good sound and good acoustics can definitely help your both your brand and your sales.

But bad sound can actually harm your business. A recent study suggested that music played at a high volume and with poor audio quality was a turn-off to customers because it impacted the psychobiological stress system. Loud volumes signal the brain to increase the body’s stress responses and might get the customers to feel uncomfortable. For example, bad retail soundscapes can reduce sales in shops by 28% with customers leaving or not even entering. On the opposite side, revenue in retail shops can go up by 5-10% if acoustics are optimized. Additionally, a recent study found that 76% of survey respondents would dine out more often if the restaurants had less background noise and poor acoustics. Another study, from restaurant guide Zagats, tells us that noise, poor acoustics and low quality music and sounds is the the number one complaint among restaurant customers, being a bigger problem than poor service. Therefore it’s important to have a sound system and speakers that can provide clear and good sound even at the lowest volumes.

The solution

No matter how well you choose your music, if it doesn´t sound good, it doesn´t do any good.

To be able to play your music with crystal clear sound and at any volume you choose, you need a flexible, easy to use audio set up. All rooms are different, and if you use a flexible system of speakers, it is easy to change the set up when ever you change the rooms lay out and interior. It also gives you the opportunity to tailor the sound and the volume for different parts of the store,restaurant or café. For example, have a higher volume level at the entrance to make an impact, lower at the cashier´s area to have conversations with customers, a general level in the mainareas and a little lower in the dressing rooms. Audio Pro Business is your perfect solution for extraordinary, innovative wirelesssound that cane be tailored for your needs and expectations.