Plug & Play installation

Audio Pro Business is based on the fact that many stores, offices and hotels in the world already are equipped with track lighting. Using the power already available in these systems, you can easily add Audio Pro Business and almost instantly play music. Instead of two days of installation for a traditional sound system, Audio Pro Business only takes two hours to install.

Interference-free wireless solution

Audio Pro Business is all about total wireless freedom. Using the new RF band at 1,9Ghz, there will be no interference from overcrowded Wifi-areas. With a range up to 100 meters the new system will be suitable for a great range of locations. But if you still want or need a cable connected set up, any speaker is capable of receiving both wireless and wired signals.

Flexible & scalable

Audio Pro Business gives you all the flexibility you can ask for when it comes to speaker placement. Changing speaker locations and positions can be done in a snap. You can also ad more products, like speakers and subwoofers, whenever needed.

Create your tailor made playlist

You can use any of your favorite streaming partners to create the right mode for your business.